Streetdance Class :)

One of my Tasks for ThirdSpace was to try out a local Dance class and although traditional German folk Dance was indeed tempting, I felt that it would be more suited to my year abroad Location to take a street Dance class! My friend and I went Shopping for Nikes and signed ourselves up for a Probierstunde (try out).

new sneaks
new sneaks (essential)

Now, as someone who hated all the “Step Up” films with a burning passion, I didn’t know whether it was really “mein Ding” but the year abroad is about doing things that would usually make you cringe/uncomfortable/scared all in the name of YOLO. When they started to play Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” I died a little inside, but was really impressed by their camaraderie and had a lot of fun!

We made our way up to a basement with hip hop music blaring from a boombox and people in snapbacks and long vest tops doing stretches. The instructors mistook us for Germans and therefore mistakenly assumed that we knew what they were talking about when they told us “sit down if you weren’t here last week we are going over the previous dance” in a mutter and we of course stood up at the top of the room as the Music began to Play… not very street. Apart from that I’d say we did well in our avoidance of awkward moments! In streetdance it turns out what you lack in flexibility/grace/actual Talent you make up for in ridiculous amounts of moves and, dare I say it, sass…

The hip hop culture here is really part of what makes the City so intriguing so it definitely gave us a leg up in Meeting people who actually grew up here. Also learned the word “Digga”… (urban dictionary it)… when a guy came up to us for the first time and said “Was geht Digga?” we smiled awkwardly! Turns out it’s not what we thought… just means “dude”. So 90’s. So street.

Check them out, they’re awesome 😀 GEIL


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  1. SophieClare says:

    Love it. so G. Shame we only went to the probierstunde 😉


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