Adios M*****f*****

The next day I woke up late and was running half an hour late for a flat viewing, much to my host Family´s dismay! “Have you not heard of the German Pünktlichkeit?!” they tutted and they told me that in Germany it´s normal to be at least ten whole minutes early for appointment. In Scotland that would probably be considered rude or at least a bit annoying! Her fears proved to be founded upon truth as the guy phoned me ten mins after I was meant to be there and asked if I would be there within five minutes! The flat viewing didn´t really go well and I was beginning to wonder if I´d end up in a horrible flat like the ones I´d seen so far.

So again deflated I took a Train back to Alexanderplatz – now my go-to place and got a message from my friend Thomas who told me his Family were going for a Mexican dinner at a place called Que Pasa, Kreuzberg and I was welcome to join them. We had a great time and our fajitas came on giant sizzling plates and looked beaauuts. The Food was fantastic but the fajitas were not the highlight of the meal. We scanned the menus for cocktails and saw one which read underneath “Zutaten Geheimnis, nur für 21 und ab” (Secret Ingredients, over 21s only!) We of course ordered 5 of these “Adios Motherfuckers” (one each) and the barman looked visibly concerned, asking us “are you sure?”


I drank mine rather quickly considering having not properly drank for a good couple of weeks, and I chased it with some very strong gin mixers and so I had to miss out on the club :´( but according to Thomas and Heather it was amazing. Honestly, I think/hope I´ve learned my lesson – the Germans drink steadily as their clubs are open basically 24 hours. When I asked about the secret ingredients in the Adios Motherfucker, I was told it was no secret that 70% of the glass was pure assorted alcohols… I think I said “adios” to my liver.



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